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Of “Occults And Mystics”

Various Urdu newspapers are advertising for occults and mystics. It is ridiculous and invidious, the way petty AAMILS use the newspaper to make up for their ignorance and lend cheap drama to their own work. Their shameful mission and vision statements are bitter and offensive. The scintillating message/services they offer, are the reasons behind abusive outcomes, people perpetrate after failing in their desired inappropriate tasks. The tasks are invested with glamour and fatal attraction, leading lay-men into the grossest deceptions. The lay men facing the whips and scorns of time become their prey. It’s one of the main factors getting us loose our moral fiber. The newspapers must stop advertising for such cheap so called occult so that a pragmatic and sensible society be nurtured up.

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(Unknown place): A female trying to get knowledge and polishing peoples’ shoes to get a handsome amount to satisfy the needs of basic amenities. In a wider perspective, the image depicts the situations of poverty and knowledge-seeking efforts of an ordinary citizen. The “illusion” is that this is just a picture of road-side phenomenon; but it is not.

I don’t have sufficient words to write anything more on this!

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Kansi “Inverse”

And finally the dilemma resolved in vindication of Raymond by utilizing the best possible option. We’ll have to praise the directors and producers who plotted and finally delivered the whole drama which has hurt the feelings of whole nation. Raymond was set free on the orders of honorable court of law. But the case is a repercussion of many past time events. This illustrates the mindset of Pakistani people in a communal prospective. We are not an independent nation form actual viewpoint.

The case has highlighted many structural flaws in our foreign policy. The case study indicates that living nations guard their citizens as we have observed that the US has protected his citizen. Similarly in 2004, Philippine decided to retreat its army from Iraq upon kidnappers’ demand in return of a single kidnapped Filipino driver. Philippine Government took decision as per the public will. Hundreds of such examples have been reported on global screen. But what role our foreign office is playing in absolution of various wrongly-arrested overseas Pakistanis. Our foreign office must play its role in releasing / freeing of all such known cases.

The second issue is of psychological nature. We, both the politicians and general public, have accepted the supremacy of western countries. This hyperbolic delineation of superior west is the biggest hurdle in our way to be called as totally independent state. This mutation is promoting as a new “genetic disorder” among upcoming generations. In 1993, a Pakistani citizen, Amal Kansi shot five CIA officials; two of them died. As a consequence a special probe team was assigned the task to arrest Kansi. After four years of investigative efforts, FBI finally arrested him. Kansi was taken to USA. This extrajudicial rendition was backed by Pakistani ISI. In 2002, he was executed by lethal injection as the punishment for shooting US citizens.

Now examining the case of Kansi and Davis, what can be concluded? This is what is being asked by many generations since 1947. And if a US-ally country, a country responsible for all American army movements in the area, still be confined to just condemning verbally on drone attacks on 50 pro-peace civilians; then no miracle can save us from obnoxious treatment throughout the planet Earth. On Kansi’s arrest; an American quoted, “Pakistanis can sell their mothers for money” but this will be changed as “Pakistanis sell their mothers for fame” and we will not be able to refute their claim.


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Let’s See where the cat jumps?

Raymond Davis, a two word name echoing all parts of the country from the past two weeks. A new touchstone for the whole Government and ‘stake holders of establishment cartel’, consequences of which will seemingly decide the faith of any decision making cluster. Since the unpleasant incident happened, much have been said and written on the case and honestly speaking all the political parties have exploited the situation thereby exaggerating on the matter. Every political party is trying to transfer its entire yoke to others. The most attention-grabbing but disappointing response we get is from the PPP side. Mr. Shah Mahmood Qureshi, a mature politician has become the prey. This fresh case of rough treatment by Americans is the reason behind inability of PPP to find a full-ripped person for the post of State Minister. Because everyone is familiar with the US pressure on ‘our’ president. The issue seems to start a new series of unmanageable outcomes.

The only claim by US Government and their local experts assert is complete immunity under “Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961 and Vienna Convention on Consular Relations 1963.” The identity of this person is still questionable; Mr. Davis can not be regarded as a diplomat? If by any means he is proved to be so, then under the article 41 of the 1961 Convention, the diplomat is bound to respect the laws and regulations of the receiving State. Who the hell has allowed him to carry an un-licensed gun and other high-tech equipment in an un-registered vehicle?  He has not only violated local laws but has committed the worst of all crimes by shooting two innocent civilians. Now tackling this problem of criminal nature with a law concerning parking-tickets-exemptions does not make any sense. In which country the ambassador or any other diplomat is allowed to shoot the civilians. No one dispense the gun’s whole magazine out in self-defense. A very poor response from the American Council Office in Lahore is also agitating the situation.

There is substantial public indignation regarding the incident and any unpopular verdict by the administration may bring trouble for its continuation. It now remains to be seen where the cat jumps; whether this tug of war ends in Davis’ trial in Pakistan, or would the government exonerate him and send him to his home with a ‘Guard of Honor’.


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‘Rating’ By Orya Maqbool Jan

Harf-e-Raaz By Orya Maqbool Jan published on 08-JAN-2011

Posted by: Muhammad Ghazanfar Ali | December 10, 2010

A moral Dilemma

While surfing on internet, I dared comment on a post of some ‘liberal’ writer on the famous cafepayala blog[1]. Someone named Mr. Tahir raised objection on my view. Same happened at another instance at Kalakawa[2]. You can find both the links in appendix.

I am now posting this entry to visualize some outcomes of factor described in both the above stated blog posts. Blog posts are not well certified editorials, but are now being the de-facto standard for getting insight of various social groups. Many people regularly read selected blog entries, and subsequent sharing/tweeting of these articles hit the people’s outlook. Thus with the passage of time people are being addicted to blogs. About 95% of blog posters seem to be the liberal ones. I am sharing two video links [3] to show you another face of the picture.

After reading above two posts, and seeing the whole video clips, tell me your opinion about them. Aren’t we turning to be our own enemies? West is exploiting us, and our half-baked children are being the target of their enlightened moderation. Sorry to say but the social transition has created a class of people who are financially comfortable; and thus having all the trappings of wealth, they want social acceptance by pretending to be reformers. Our liberal generation must think that while leading our life; we must not break the hearts of the poor. This is the actual backbone class of our economy, because all our business activities are backed by billions of labor workers, working at a wage rate which can’t satisfy even food needs of a basic family.

We can learn lesson from Bangladesh, how Muhammad Younis fostered Grameen. If we have wealth, we can help others. Think on the lines of Edhi, not on those of Arabs who invest all their wealth on football clubs.

Links of above mentioned Blogs Entries:-

[1]Link1: Comment in response to my commentttp://


[3] List of videos:-


Case2: Part 3: (This Video must be seen from the middle to the end)

Case2: Part 1:

Case2: Part 2:

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‘Custodians’ of Pilgrims

Federal minister as well as secretary for religious affairs admitted corruption in Hajj 2010 case. They have accepted the allegations against them based on corruption in pilgrims’ accommodation in Saudi Arabia thereby describing that corruption was lesser than previous years. This is not a new thing, but a successful revision of their’ former office bearers’ attitudes, with the only difference that the new ones have tried to ‘serve’ the pilgrims with far more ‘devotion’ than the previous ones. The credibility of Mr. Hamid Saeed Kazmi has already been assessed by his famous ‘quote’, “Moahday koi Quran Hadith nahin hotay.”(Agreements are not heavenly things.) He has reiterated this claim in various TV shows all over the world.

I havn’t offered any prayer in his imamat but know and assert that he had been praying to Allah Almighty to bestow better and better leaders upon the country. But when he was given power, his privileges allured him away of his ideal side. There are many followers (murids) of Mr. Kazmi. Many of them would be reading these words but the point to ponder is, “Can anyone trace the corruption of this kind in Islamic history? Does Islam teaches us to deceive the lay man? Hajj is the biggest Muslim pilgrim in the world where people go for getting their sins vanished away. What can we expect from the leaders’ team which has left behind worst examples of their operational as well as ethical deeds. We must think before supporting such persons, because how much smaller the issue is, liability goes to the incharge. Top of the ladder has turned worst and we must play our own role in our individual and communal capacity to eradicate the evils out of established Muslim ethos. When will these self-proclaimed Allamas start thinking for Muslim community? When will they try to mend themselves? Mr.  kazmi swore to God in front of all nation that he is not corrupt. This was preceded by accepting in court that the corruption is lesser than past. If Ex-DG was to handle all affairs of Hajj, then what is the Minister’s role in this department? All affairs can be handled by various project DGs. At least his one resign can save millions from tax payers’ money. And in my humble opinion, this is the only way left for him to re-establish his credibility as a religious scholar.

Appendix (News link):


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Cognitive Dissonance

Our Federal Minister for Agriculture Mr. Nazar Muhammad Gondal declared wikileaks reports as forged. (You may find the news at address mentioned in appendix.) The alleged reason as to being the reports bogus, were given as, “The absence of PML-Q as well as Jamat-e-Islami; and praise for Imran Khan is a strong evidence for the reports being counterfeit.”

This reminds me of famous phrase from Aesop’s Fables; i.e. “Oh, you aren’t even ripe yet! I don’t need any sour grapes.” It is our tradition to deny everything beyond our benefit. But before talking this bull-shit, one must analyze oneself. Imran Khan is the only trustworthy leader now days. We can’t challenge his credibility. No one can even raise fingers on his work, whether his hospital or any other case. We instead of passing fallacious remarks on him should follow his social ethos. But we are experiencing the condition of cognitive dissonance, because while knowing that he is right, we have to pass grotesque comments just for showing so-called loyalty with own party.

Appendix (link for news):


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On Foreign Influence

Rumors are circulating regarding offer of American nationality by US government to Asia Bibi, a proclaimed blasphemy offender. Pop Benedict has requested the President of Pakistan to write off her declared punishment. New York Times and various western media tycoons are covering this case of blasphemy. Various NGOs and other civil society members from Pakistan are continuously trying to get her come out of punishment. Our ‘liberal’ governor, Mr. Salman Taseer has also expressed his interest in this regard.

I am not an eye-witness of the case. Neither am I supporting the Asia’s side nor the blasphemy law. I am of the view that no innocent should get wrong justice. If Asia is not guilty, she must be exonerated with due respect. But being Muslim, it is our individual as well as communal duty to honor the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is below the dignity of the Muslims that ‘any external force’ makes us amend any such law. We must with stand the severest punishment for this offense. All we need to do is to avoid wrong use of such laws as this is not a child’s play.

Paradoxically, west is not ready to vindicate Afia Siddiqui. Shouldn’t we raise voice for her? Why our president is not requesting US to release her? We can invoke Saudi Arabia to play its role in release of Afia, but which force hinders us from doing so? Why we have established double standards? Emancipation of Asia under foreign pressure will be rendered as “accepting intrusion of west into our religious issues” which is a new addition into the list of Pakistani institutes under foreign influence. Now whole PPC (Pakistan Penal code) is waiting to be ‘reformed’ by liberal west. Lo and behold!


Posted by: Muhammad Ghazanfar Ali | November 18, 2010

“Atrocious Tastes!”

Happy feast of Sacrifice to All Muslim Brothers and sisters all over the world!

While switching many TV channels on Eid day, I found that all news channels were showing programs covering various animal markets where livestock traders gathered for selling/purchasing of sheep, goats, cows and other animals for ritual sacrifice on the event of Eid-ul-Adha (The feast of sacrifice). The interesting thing was that purchasers besides criticizing on the sky-scraping livestock prices, were also withstanding the trend. One intending buyer argued that the cow he was going to purchase was 40% more costly than the previous year and he would have to pay 3.5 lacs in order to buy it this year. In another scene, on buyer was saying that he had bought a calf for 2.5 lacs, when he was asked why he paid too much on buying it; he replied, “It is a matter of our grandeur, and we don’t want to lose the competition.” Another person argued, “No accounting for taste.” (He expressed in Urdu as: شوق دا کوئ مل نئیں ).
The question is; does there any religious propulsion exist for such attitudes? Actually the real spirit behind slaughtering animals on this spiritual event is obeying Allah Almighty’s commands and provoking charity thereby sharing the meat of these animals with the poor and thus taking care of needy people. But we are not ready to understand the bona fide rationale behind this sacrifice. We believe in much ostentatious, hyperbolic delineation of buying the bigger and bigger animal. Poverty is the biggest challenge for country. More than two thirds of the population subsists below the poverty line. Majority of the population don’t have the basic amenities of life such as food, clothing and shelter. But habitually the pure and steady spirit of sacrifice is lost in the artificial glow of wealth and power. We should think and act in a realistic, more optimistic way; because the most horrendous atrocity is the breaking of a person’s heart and this is done every year on the event of Eid-ul-Adha by the wealthy people intoxicated by money and power.

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