Posted by: Muhammad Ghazanfar Ali | November 23, 2010

On Foreign Influence

Rumors are circulating regarding offer of American nationality by US government to Asia Bibi, a proclaimed blasphemy offender. Pop Benedict has requested the President of Pakistan to write off her declared punishment. New York Times and various western media tycoons are covering this case of blasphemy. Various NGOs and other civil society members from Pakistan are continuously trying to get her come out of punishment. Our ‘liberal’ governor, Mr. Salman Taseer has also expressed his interest in this regard.

I am not an eye-witness of the case. Neither am I supporting the Asia’s side nor the blasphemy law. I am of the view that no innocent should get wrong justice. If Asia is not guilty, she must be exonerated with due respect. But being Muslim, it is our individual as well as communal duty to honor the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is below the dignity of the Muslims that ‘any external force’ makes us amend any such law. We must with stand the severest punishment for this offense. All we need to do is to avoid wrong use of such laws as this is not a child’s play.

Paradoxically, west is not ready to vindicate Afia Siddiqui. Shouldn’t we raise voice for her? Why our president is not requesting US to release her? We can invoke Saudi Arabia to play its role in release of Afia, but which force hinders us from doing so? Why we have established double standards? Emancipation of Asia under foreign pressure will be rendered as “accepting intrusion of west into our religious issues” which is a new addition into the list of Pakistani institutes under foreign influence. Now whole PPC (Pakistan Penal code) is waiting to be ‘reformed’ by liberal west. Lo and behold!




  1. a.a it is really shame for us that we are protecting such offenders through amendments in the law and judiciary.we are nothing so far as nation is concerned .each and every one is trying to demolish the country i would is not our duty but our religious right to condemn such kinds of blunders by the responsible authorities,who are these bloody politicians,time will come no body would remember them.We are Pakistani as long as it stands(will inshALLAH).they will come and go like fever that comes and goes disturbs the condition,but once treated goes away.We should not be disappointed.instead should try to get the solution in order to get rid of the situation by better planning and thoughts.The entire community is involved in corruption some way or the other.The nation cant make progress as long as justice is not being provided to the people.The day will come inshALLAH ,we shall stand as a developed nation rather civilized nation.We should be firm in our approach towards ISLAM and be devoted ourselves. Handwork never goes unrewarded. best wishes for u initiating such a noble work ,i hope one can achieve the required goal by dint of hard labour and reaches the peak of dignity inshALLAH.

  2. Thanx Atif!

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