Posted by: Muhammad Ghazanfar Ali | December 4, 2010

Cognitive Dissonance

Our Federal Minister for Agriculture Mr. Nazar Muhammad Gondal declared wikileaks reports as forged. (You may find the news at address mentioned in appendix.) The alleged reason as to being the reports bogus, were given as, “The absence of PML-Q as well as Jamat-e-Islami; and praise for Imran Khan is a strong evidence for the reports being counterfeit.”

This reminds me of famous phrase from Aesop’s Fables; i.e. “Oh, you aren’t even ripe yet! I don’t need any sour grapes.” It is our tradition to deny everything beyond our benefit. But before talking this bull-shit, one must analyze oneself. Imran Khan is the only trustworthy leader now days. We can’t challenge his credibility. No one can even raise fingers on his work, whether his hospital or any other case. We instead of passing fallacious remarks on him should follow his social ethos. But we are experiencing the condition of cognitive dissonance, because while knowing that he is right, we have to pass grotesque comments just for showing so-called loyalty with own party.

Appendix (link for news):




  1. bhae main edy tay comment kit c oh gaib ho gae

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