Posted by: Muhammad Ghazanfar Ali | December 10, 2010

A moral Dilemma

While surfing on internet, I dared comment on a post of some ‘liberal’ writer on the famous cafepayala blog[1]. Someone named Mr. Tahir raised objection on my view. Same happened at another instance at Kalakawa[2]. You can find both the links in appendix.

I am now posting this entry to visualize some outcomes of factor described in both the above stated blog posts. Blog posts are not well certified editorials, but are now being the de-facto standard for getting insight of various social groups. Many people regularly read selected blog entries, and subsequent sharing/tweeting of these articles hit the people’s outlook. Thus with the passage of time people are being addicted to blogs. About 95% of blog posters seem to be the liberal ones. I am sharing two video links [3] to show you another face of the picture.

After reading above two posts, and seeing the whole video clips, tell me your opinion about them. Aren’t we turning to be our own enemies? West is exploiting us, and our half-baked children are being the target of their enlightened moderation. Sorry to say but the social transition has created a class of people who are financially comfortable; and thus having all the trappings of wealth, they want social acceptance by pretending to be reformers. Our liberal generation must think that while leading our life; we must not break the hearts of the poor. This is the actual backbone class of our economy, because all our business activities are backed by billions of labor workers, working at a wage rate which can’t satisfy even food needs of a basic family.

We can learn lesson from Bangladesh, how Muhammad Younis fostered Grameen. If we have wealth, we can help others. Think on the lines of Edhi, not on those of Arabs who invest all their wealth on football clubs.

Links of above mentioned Blogs Entries:-

[1]Link1: Comment in response to my commentttp://


[3] List of videos:-


Case2: Part 3: (This Video must be seen from the middle to the end)

Case2: Part 1:

Case2: Part 2:


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