Posted by: Muhammad Ghazanfar Ali | January 10, 2011

‘Rating’ By Orya Maqbool Jan

Harf-e-Raaz By Orya Maqbool Jan published on 08-JAN-2011



  1. a.a hope all will be is really a very sensitive issue so far as Muslims are concerned.No one can bear such thing against THE BEST HUMAN BEING AND PROPHET MUHAMMAD (PBUH).The media always in hunt for such news which increases their popularity among the nation.It is our fault who encourage such things.Each one of us ,i am saying each one not any one,is in search of some hot news whenever we sit before our television sets.We are all involved in such things that increases the so called ratings of these bloody news channels as they are for money.They dont bother national interest even a single time,e.g we used to see Capital Talk with lot of interest that involved in humiliation of guests as everyone knew.We always encourages such anchorpersons that causes humiliation of the guests. It is my appeal to the whole nation plz discourage such activities that causes the national morale down………..regars with best wishes

    Dr.Muhammad Atif

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