Posted by: Muhammad Ghazanfar Ali | February 17, 2011

Let’s See where the cat jumps?

Raymond Davis, a two word name echoing all parts of the country from the past two weeks. A new touchstone for the whole Government and ‘stake holders of establishment cartel’, consequences of which will seemingly decide the faith of any decision making cluster. Since the unpleasant incident happened, much have been said and written on the case and honestly speaking all the political parties have exploited the situation thereby exaggerating on the matter. Every political party is trying to transfer its entire yoke to others. The most attention-grabbing but disappointing response we get is from the PPP side. Mr. Shah Mahmood Qureshi, a mature politician has become the prey. This fresh case of rough treatment by Americans is the reason behind inability of PPP to find a full-ripped person for the post of State Minister. Because everyone is familiar with the US pressure on ‘our’ president. The issue seems to start a new series of unmanageable outcomes.

The only claim by US Government and their local experts assert is complete immunity under “Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961 and Vienna Convention on Consular Relations 1963.” The identity of this person is still questionable; Mr. Davis can not be regarded as a diplomat? If by any means he is proved to be so, then under the article 41 of the 1961 Convention, the diplomat is bound to respect the laws and regulations of the receiving State. Who the hell has allowed him to carry an un-licensed gun and other high-tech equipment in an un-registered vehicle?  He has not only violated local laws but has committed the worst of all crimes by shooting two innocent civilians. Now tackling this problem of criminal nature with a law concerning parking-tickets-exemptions does not make any sense. In which country the ambassador or any other diplomat is allowed to shoot the civilians. No one dispense the gun’s whole magazine out in self-defense. A very poor response from the American Council Office in Lahore is also agitating the situation.

There is substantial public indignation regarding the incident and any unpopular verdict by the administration may bring trouble for its continuation. It now remains to be seen where the cat jumps; whether this tug of war ends in Davis’ trial in Pakistan, or would the government exonerate him and send him to his home with a ‘Guard of Honor’.




  1. a.a hope all be fine and in the best of health.It is really the most popular and hot kind of conversation among the masses of dull,ugly and most stupid politicians we have .All the political parties are doing their business of votes on that issue .The nation rather population of our country are looking once again ,”CJP”.All the people are once again disappointed usually from their own leaders whom they have selected through their votes.Most respected fouzia wahab,i think there will be no one in this country at least who will be agree to my statement,:MOST RESPECTED”have said that,”Ramond Davis has diplomatic immunity”.Then the party correspondent clarified that this is her personal statement.One thing i would love to share with that what is the status of fouzia wahab ,not included in party.She cant run even .”HER HOUSE”propely .But all these kinds of bull shits are devastating our beloved homeland.May ALLAH BLESS us the right path on which we can make ourselves prosper.amin

  2. There is a simple question, “Does Raymond Davis has the right to to rape Fouzia Wahab on account of diplomatic immunity?” Reply!

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