Posted by: Muhammad Ghazanfar Ali | March 21, 2011

Kansi “Inverse”

And finally the dilemma resolved in vindication of Raymond by utilizing the best possible option. We’ll have to praise the directors and producers who plotted and finally delivered the whole drama which has hurt the feelings of whole nation. Raymond was set free on the orders of honorable court of law. But the case is a repercussion of many past time events. This illustrates the mindset of Pakistani people in a communal prospective. We are not an independent nation form actual viewpoint.

The case has highlighted many structural flaws in our foreign policy. The case study indicates that living nations guard their citizens as we have observed that the US has protected his citizen. Similarly in 2004, Philippine decided to retreat its army from Iraq upon kidnappers’ demand in return of a single kidnapped Filipino driver. Philippine Government took decision as per the public will. Hundreds of such examples have been reported on global screen. But what role our foreign office is playing in absolution of various wrongly-arrested overseas Pakistanis. Our foreign office must play its role in releasing / freeing of all such known cases.

The second issue is of psychological nature. We, both the politicians and general public, have accepted the supremacy of western countries. This hyperbolic delineation of superior west is the biggest hurdle in our way to be called as totally independent state. This mutation is promoting as a new “genetic disorder” among upcoming generations. In 1993, a Pakistani citizen, Amal Kansi shot five CIA officials; two of them died. As a consequence a special probe team was assigned the task to arrest Kansi. After four years of investigative efforts, FBI finally arrested him. Kansi was taken to USA. This extrajudicial rendition was backed by Pakistani ISI. In 2002, he was executed by lethal injection as the punishment for shooting US citizens.

Now examining the case of Kansi and Davis, what can be concluded? This is what is being asked by many generations since 1947. And if a US-ally country, a country responsible for all American army movements in the area, still be confined to just condemning verbally on drone attacks on 50 pro-peace civilians; then no miracle can save us from obnoxious treatment throughout the planet Earth. On Kansi’s arrest; an American quoted, “Pakistanis can sell their mothers for money” but this will be changed as “Pakistanis sell their mothers for fame” and we will not be able to refute their claim.



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