Posted by: Muhammad Ghazanfar Ali | September 3, 2011

Of “Occults And Mystics”

Various Urdu newspapers are advertising for occults and mystics. It is ridiculous and invidious, the way petty AAMILS use the newspaper to make up for their ignorance and lend cheap drama to their own work. Their shameful mission and vision statements are bitter and offensive. The scintillating message/services they offer, are the reasons behind abusive outcomes, people perpetrate after failing in their desired inappropriate tasks. The tasks are invested with glamour and fatal attraction, leading lay-men into the grossest deceptions. The lay men facing the whips and scorns of time become their prey. It’s one of the main factors getting us loose our moral fiber. The newspapers must stop advertising for such cheap so called occult so that a pragmatic and sensible society be nurtured up.


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