Muhammad Ghazanfar Ali!

I, first name Muhammad, last name Ali, a businessman by profession, working days and nights in pursuit of progress and prosperity, trying to change the established norms of people’s behavior in my own circumference of influence. My life is an eloquent testimony to the quote, “Life has meaning only in the struggle; triumph or defeat is in the hands of God, so let’s celebrate the struggle!” You may read in this blog, many, a more or less connected stories of me, my daily exposures, observations and people thereby laughing at my efforts.

Performance in prose writing is accepted as a yardstick of academic success. But ironically, finding the time to incorporate a writing program into my busiest daily lifestyle is difficult and sometimes disappointing! Hence it is very perplexing exercise for me to write. As there is always a room for improvement in the efforts of learners like me, so any positive/negative feed back  will be highly appreciated!

Muhammad Ghazanfar Ali

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